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Carnotaurus sastrei
Vital statistics
Name: Carnotaurus sastrei
Behavior: Aggressive
Health: ?
Biomes: Plains, Swamps, Rivers
Status: Dev Builds
Introduced: 2014
Wave: Wave 3
Attack: ?
Drops: ?


Carnotaurus is a medium-sized abelisaurid theropod dinosaur native to Cretaceous South America. It is known for the 2 bull-like horns on its head that it used for fighting, as well as arms so short it made the arms of tyrannosaurids seem gigantic.

In PaleoCraft, Carnotaurus has light brown skin, with some dark brown scutes running down its body, as well as traces of blue on its eyes, horns, tail, and arms. It can be quite territorial at times, so you would want to keep your distance in order to not get injured, or even worse, killed.


Carnotaurus prefers areas with large bodies of fresh water, so it can be found in plains, swamp, and river biomes. For Carnotaurus pens, a large body of fresh water is a must, as it makes the Carnotaurus feel like at home. You also need some vegetational cover for it to ambush its prey.


Carnotaurus mainly feeds on small animals, although it also likes to rely on large prey like sauropods for food. Similar to Allosaurus, Carnotaurus opens its jaws really wide and uses its head like an axe, both useful for for spiking small prey and inflicting wounds on large prey. So, be careful with what you put in its pen, as it isn't a picky eater.