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Compsognathus longipes
Vital statistics
Name: Compsognathus longipes
Behavior: Passive
Health: Heart.pngHalfHeart.png
Biomes: Plains, Tropical Forests, Temperate Forests
Status: Released
Introduced: 2013
Wave: Wave 2
Drops: Nothing


Compsognathus is a small compsognathid theropod from Jurassic Europe. Despite its depictions in popular media, Compsognathus only ate small lizards and insects, and had feathers like any dromaeosaurid.

In Paleocraft, Compsognathus is covered in green feathers. It looks similar to Troodon, with a smaller size. They are essentially harmless, and do not react to dinosaurs and players in any way.


Compsognathus is found in grassy biomes with lots of vegetation, like tropical forests. Compsognathus pens require lots of vegetation like trees and grass in order for its inhabitant to feel comfortable and happy.


Compsognathus is mainly insectivorous, and will eat any aerial insect that flies within its path. However, insects are not the only thing that these turkey-sized dinosaurs will eat, as they are also slightly carnivorous, and will subsist on small vertebrate animals like lizards.