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Dimorphodon macronyx
Vital statistics
Name: Dimorphodon macronyx
Behavior: Passive
Health: Heart.pngHalfHeart.png
Biomes: Temperate Rainforests, Tropical Forests, Swamps
Status: Released
Introduced: February 2013
Wave: Wave 1
Attack: None
Experience: XPOrb.gifXPOrb.gifXPOrb.gifXPOrb.gifXPOrb.gif
Drops: Nothing


Dimorphodon is a small pterosaur from early Jurassic Europe. It is known for its large head, which, in some species, was almost as large as the body.

In PaleoCraft, Dimorphodon is distinguishable from other pterosaurs due to its brightly-colored beak and cream fur. In large groups, it can be quite noisy, as its chirping calls can be extremely loud.


Dimorphodon favors sheltered habitats where it's safe from larger predators, and so can be found in tropical and temperate rainforests, as well as swamps. Dimorphodon pens can be difficult to build; they need to have a closed top so its inhabitants don't fly out, but it also needs to be large enough for them to fly comfortably. Make sure you add in some trees and shrubs for them to land in.


Dimorphodon is primarily an insectivore, using its agility to grab insects on the wing. It will also eat fruit, fish, and even carrion to supplement its diet.