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Euoplocephalus tutus
Vital statistics
Name: Euoplocephalus tutus
Behavior: Defensive
Health: ?
Biomes: Tropical Forests, Temperate Forests
Status: Dev Builds
Introduced: 2014
Wave: Wave 3
Attack: ?
Drops: ?


Euoplocephalus is a large ankylosaurid dinosaur from Cretaceous North America. It is known for its large size and clubbed tail, used for defending itself against large carnivorous theropods.

In PaleoCraft, Euoplocephalus is covered in brown bony armor plates that are also covered in large scutes, and has the absolutely notable club at the end of its tail. This usually docile ankylosaurid prefers to graze and eat vegetation, however, if provoked, it will use a tail whip to smack its ursurpers and possibly break their bones.


Euoplocephalus prefers areas with lots of vegetation, as it is a herbivorous dinosaur. For Euplocephalus pens, vegetation is a must, as it makes the Euoplocephalus feel like at home. You also need a pool of water for the Euoplocephalus to drink, as well as a large theropod-free pen so it isn't alarmed all the time.


Euoplocephalus are vegetarian, and will not only eat off of trees, but will graze as well. So, in addition to planting trees, you must also grow some tall grass in their pens so they could happily graze.