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Leaellynasaura amicagraphica
Vital statistics
Name: Leaellynasaura amicagraphica
Behavior: Passive
Health: ?
Biomes: Temperate Rainforests, Cold Forests
Status: Dev Builds
Introduced: 2014
Wave: Wave 3
Drops: ?


Leaellynasaura is a small bipedal ornithopod dinosaur from Cretaceous Australia. Unlike other ornithopods, it had a tail that was longer than its body, as well as remarkably good eyesight, considering it lived in a location close to the South Pole, where the days were dominated by darkness during the winter.

In PaleoCraft, Leaellynasaura is white in color, with yellow spots near its eyes, white feathers protruding from its back, and a light grey tail. This docile ornithopod dinosaur is harmless, and will not react to players and (most) dinosaurs in anyway. However, it may flee from large theropod dinosaurs.


Leaellynasaura is found in areas with lots of vegetation, as it is a herbivore. Leaellynasaura pens must have lots of trees and grass for the small ornithopods to scurry freely without stress. You also need a pool of water for the Leaellynasaura to drink, as well as a large theropod-free pen so it can be calm.


Leaellynasaura are vegetarian, but are too small to eat off of large trees, and so eat flora that are close to the ground instead. You must grow some tall grass in their pens to keep the small ornithopods well-fed.