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Massospondylus carinatus
Vital statistics
Name: Massospondylus carinatus
Behavior: Passive
Health: Heart.pngHeart.pngHeart.pngHeart.pngHeart.png
Biomes: Tropical Forests, Temperate Forests
Status: Released
Introduced: 2013
Wave: Wave 2
Drops: Nothing


Massospondylus is a large bipedal dinosaur from Jurassic Africa. It is known for its large size and long neck.

In PaleoCraft, Massospondylus is dark grey in color, with some purple stripes. This docile prosauropod is harmless, and does not react to (most) dinosaurs and players in any way, just walking at a steady pace and lowing. However, it may flee from large theropod dinosaurs like Baryonyx and Spinosaurus.


Massospondylus prefers areas with lots of vegetation, as it is a herbivorous dinosaur. For Massospondylus pens, vegetation is a must, because then it will make the Massospondylus calm and at home. You also need a pool of water for the Massospondylus to drink, as well as a large theropod dinosaur-free pen so it could relax.


Massospondylus are vegetarian, and have an insatiable appetite. You must plant alot of trees in their pens to keep the giant prosauropods well-fed and happy.