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Protoceratops andrewsi
Vital statistics
Name: Protoceratops andrewsi
Behavior: Passive
Health: ?
Biomes: Deserts, Scrublands
Status: Dev Builds
Introduced: 2014
Wave: Wave 3
Drops: ?


Protoceratops is a small ceratopsian dinosaur from Cretaceous Mongolia. It is known for its large neck-frill, located at the back of its skull. It was the first ceratopsian dinosaur to exist, and did not have any horns.

In PaleoCraft, Protoceratops is green in color, with a white underside, black quills, and a trace of red on its head. This docile ceratopsian dinosaur is harmless, and will not react to players and (most) dinosaurs in anyway. However, it may flee from dromaeosaurs and large theropod dinosaurs.


Protoceratops is found in dry biomes, such as scrublands and deserts. If you want to construct a pen, make sure it contains sand for bathing and a few small shrubs and herbs for it to feel comfortable. You also need a dromaeosaur-free pen for the Protoceratops to relax.


Despite living in an area where vegetation is scarce, Protoceratops is an herbivore. So, to supplement its diet, you must place some shrubs and herbs in its pen so it could happily eat them.