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Spinosaurus aegypticus
Vital statistics
Name: Spinosaurus aegypticus
Behavior: Aggressive
Health: Heart.png x 37.5
Biomes: Rivers, Swamps, Beaches
Status: Released
Introduced: July 2013
Wave: Wave 2
Attack: Heart.pngx 10
Drops: Fish.pngFish.pngFish.png


Spinosaurus is a massive predatory theropod from Cretaceous Africa. Despite its depictions in popular media, it was probably a fish-eater and spent most of its time in the water.

In PaleoCraft, Spinosaurus is a mostly aquatic dinosaur. It spends most of its time in and around water sources searching for food, but won't hesitate to attack small prey if it wanders too close.


Spinosaurus is most at home in environments with large bodies of water, such as lakes and shorelines, although it still needs land as well. It also needs lots of space, so, if you try to keep one, make sure it has a very large pen. Spinosaurus was the largest land living carnivore of all time (even bigger than a T.rex itself) so it will have difficulty navigating through dense foliage, so try to avoid having too many large trees in its pen.


Spinosaurus is primarily a piscivore, or fish-eater. However, the fish it feeds on can be as large as (or even larger than) humans, which means that Spinosaurus will sometimes also be willing to go after land-based prey. Take extreme care if you approach it; you're right in its size range.