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Tylosaurus proriger
Vital statistics
Name: Tylosaurus proriger
Behavior: Aggressive
Health: Heart.png x 25
Biomes: Seas
Status: Released
Introduced: July 2013
Wave: Wave 2
Attack: Heart.pngx 10
Drops: Nothing


Tylosaurus is a large predatory mosasaur native to Cretaceous North America. It has 4 flippers, a long finned tail, and big jaws used for grabbing its food.

In PaleoCraft, Tylosaurus has blue skin, with some traces of white on its face and underside. It can be quite aggressive, so try to avoid it as it tries to ambush you from below when you're sailing the seas.


Tylosaurus can be found swimming around in oceans. For Tylosaurus tanks, water is a must, but you may also need some vegetational cover to make the tank a good home for the Tylosaurus.


Tylosaurus is highly carnivorous, and feeds on fish, sharks, and squids. However, the fish that it eats might be fairly big, so it could mistake a swimming person for a passing shark or fish. Take extreme care when you are feeding it; it has a very big appetite.